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Oktoberfest for this year 2015.        Cant' stop you till you get enough family fun All year round. Bring it on!                     You thought Summer Fest was Hot ..We have over 444,000 hits on our biggest shows a year and over 70,000 hits on our website.
We can't wait for The Biggest show ever 5 weekends German beer Fest original Oct Fest like no other. To get approved to take part in the show. Send in your contract with payment food vendors is $775 for the two days on Summer Fest and three Days on Oct Fest.   Arts and craft vendors is $475 and Commercial vendors $650.If you want to be in front of show or in corner $550.   SAVE THE DATES.             

TO BUY Tickets  Go to PayPal. general admission $15 for Adults $10 under 12 years old. 

The heat is on at The 7th Ann Summer Fest 2015, so save the date now.  Summer Fest August 29 and 30, 2015. Come out to join the walk for the homeless or just meet with them to see what you can to do to make a difference this summer.
We are getting ready for summer 2015.

The word is out and things just got crazy. Special guest will show this year. For all the You Tube fans go here to see our last 6 years shows:
Summer Fest on Venice Beach
We plan to bringing it, the best summer festivals to the public to enjoy this summer.  So come check us out, relax and enjoy yourself at our party at the beach before summer officially ends. Over 50,000 people are coming out to join us for a day and night of live bands, great food, and music from all around the world. So come enjoy the magic and fun of the summer with the vendors and more. This event will take place annually with kids sectioned in over 200 booths.                                     

The heat is on at Th 7th Ann Summer Fest 2015, so save the date now. 

Summer Fest August 29 and 30, 2015.

See the Biggest Summer event that hits this summer major
special guest.                                         

IT"S SO BIG WE START NOW TO MAKE IT HOT!!! If you still want to book your band or                       perform.    For vendor info email us. Over 20, 000 people will be at show                      this summer and there about 50,000 people that run through the vending site.  We have over 444,000 hits on our biggest shows a year and over 70,000 hits on our website.

7th Annual Summer Fest 2015 :  August 29 and 30, 2015.
This event ends the summer with FOOD from all over the world a FUN Kids Carnival and the Beer gardens all kinds of cool drinks. To buy tickets go here to PAYPAL

Oktoberfest for this year 2015.   5 weekends  Oct 2, 3, & 4,2015   Oct 9, 10, & 11, 2015 Oct 16, 17, & 18 2015   Oct 23, 24, & 2015 Oct 30, 31, & Nov 1, 2015.

500 vendors. October fest as well as domestic beer sponsors, California local radio and TV stations,  Coca Cola, Budweiser, Heineken, Red bull, Radio & TV stations, local and nationwide, big insurance companies, Police & Fire man shows and all local Palmdale and Leona Valley businesses. We as well would need a list of volunteers to help out at our show during those 5 weekends. I have been working with one of the most experienced and well known promoters, to support us with generating business, bringing 1000's of Oktoberfest patrons to our property in Leona Valley this year. We will take efforts in bringing in Celebrities to our fest. Since this Oktoberfest is a fundraiser also, we would be working with some of non profits with a great cause, which still has to be determined. October fest of 2015 provide you with a layout plan for Oktoberfest, where you will see each detail of the fest in terms of parking, tent structures, food kitchens, emergency exits, rest rooms, beer gardens, wine bars and hard liquor bars, shuttle bus, safety & first aid locations, the physical location of Venue, set up time, tear down time and every other details, once my structural plan, which I have been designing myself, is going to be ready soon, which I have to provide to the planning, building, fire, police, ABC board, health departments etc closer to event date. 

We will have about 50 food vendor kitchens and 100 food trucks, who also will provide international desserts from all over the Globe. There will be Carnival vendors on site as well and petting zoos with pony rides for the kids. A circus will be invited also. We have to start ordering all German food and alcoholic and soft drinks soon. 

There will be a small tent, that will seat people on cushions, to smoke their imported cigars and fruit taste tobaccos for hookahs, which will be available for rent and/or purchase and special great cigars shall be available for purchase outside as well. We would want 500+ vendors and at least 50 famous corporate sponsors for this year's OF. We would like everyone to glow in the dark and would welcome vendors, who sell all sort of glows i.t.d.

Smoking areas will be set & assigned at diversified locations and signs will be placed all over property for all patrons to find their ways around the 150 acres of property. Security guards will be patrolling at all times. Next to German food, like assorted bratwursts, grilled chicken and pork meat with German potatoes salad and especial German recipe prepared cole slaw, we will have international foods being sold from food trucks and from outdoor kitchens, prepared by catering companies and restaurants as well.

To get approved to take part in the show. Send in your contract with payment food vendors is $775 for the two days on Summer Fest and three Days on Oct Fest.   Arts and craft vendors is $475 and Commercial vendors $650.If you want to be in front of show or in corner $550.  We are in the process of contracting with our German Brass Band and Dance Troupe for this years Original German Oktoberfest 2015, who have been known to us from the German Clubs in the past.


Charities:  HOMELESS, SCHOOLS, DONATIONS MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION TO HEATH ILLNESS We are ambassador for Children's day and Earthday S'kool Music of Orange County, the Alzheimer's Association The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Boys and Girls Club, H.E.L.P FOUNDATION INC, and Dunking Frogs Foundation.

Sponsorship for Any of our event:  Please contact us in writing.

Costs shows:  Booth (10 x 10) - $475 Front/Commercial- $650   Corner - $575
Food Vendor - $875 Drinks - $650 Entrance - $775  

Sponsorship Costs:  Flat Screen  digital video broad cast at event sponsors

Gold Membership - $5,500   This includes 30 x 30 booth. Logo on stage, all banners,                             fliers, ads, and website. Audio video adds on Flat screen

Silver Membership - $4,500    This includes 20 x 20 booth. Logo on main banner,                                    and website. Audio video adds on Flat screen

Bronze Membership - $2,500 This includes 10 x 20 booth. Logo on banner,                                        website and space in front


We are quickly receiving a large response on this event. Attendees are buyers/shoppers, tourists, locals, vacationers, college students, parents, and kids. Everyone will be off to the beach to visit and see this event so we expect high traffic.

About us: Fx3Events was established in 2000 and has been responsible for putting on craft shows, fashion shows, and coordinating with other groups for over 14 years. Our services include: fund raising, model searches, business marketing/generating leads, and new client research. We also provide booth set up for expos and festivals, as well as event supplies such as chairs, tables and canopies.  Our focus is on events and marketing for 14 years running. It our way to help out the economy giving companies a place to market and sell as we bring work to the community and help out many groups as well.

For marketing info call us or email us in writing. 
Lead, expo staffing for you next events, or just buy leads anywhere in USA.

P.O. Box 461035 West Hollywood, CA 90046

562-277-7174 /

We are ambassador for Children's day and Earthday
__________________________________________________________________________                          If you have art work, homemade items, products from your company or anything you would like to showcase we want you! :) Message us for details on booth rentals.
Entrepreneurs or vendors to set up a booth to advertise their merchandise

Types of Vendors Desired: -home improvement -cosmetics
- health and fitness
- Unique Arts & Crafts
- Jewelry
- Natural fiber clothiers
- Environmental goods, services & information
- Peace Products -FOOD on only some events
The event we all been waiting for is back!!!

Hold your space now to get the beast location.

This event will be even hotter in 2014.

*******"  Greyhound Express, Starbucks VIA and TOYOTA  "********

To join us at any of our events

Call us 562-277-7174 go to events or twitter


All American finest companies will be there this summer.  There is so many companies to thank,   just look at who has taken part over the years and there is so many people to thanks as well. La Fitness gave out over 1,000 30day passes for free to the first 1,000 guess at Summer Fest 2011.  Save the date now and plan your day at the beach with your friends and family.
See you at the next show.  This is our last 6 years shows:.
Summer Fest on Venice Beach

It's back so get ready for fun in the sun this summer. There will be food from all over world and the kids zone is in the sizzling in the summer sun at OCT FEST and SUMMER FEST. Come out and hep the homeless.

It's that time of year again and It's time for family and friends. So come out on these special days to shop, meet and greet old friends/family.  Come out and support the community.     To take part in the walk for Homeless just email us

To get in.   Call our office. We are accepting special arts and crafts vendors for our summer fair.  Call us if you wish to take part in this events!  Sponsors! Hand-outs!! Vendors desired: hand-made, home improvements, cosmetics, health & fitness, unique arts and crafts, jewelry, services and information, peace products, pre-wrapped items like candies, chips, crackers, wine-tasting, etc. are good. Anything summer-related! 
to see the last 6 year shows go here:

Summer Fest on Venice Beach

So save your space now.  Print out now and mail our your contract this week with check or deposit. Call our office first before you mail out your check. Weekly rates
Costs shows:  Booth (10 x 10) - $475 Front/Commercial- $650  
Corner - $575
Food Vendor - $875
Drinks - $650
Entrance - $775   

Summer Fest brings  out people from La and Orange County as well as people from all over the world.  See our last 6 shows:
Summer Fest on Venice Beach .

Just in......So READ ON..........Coming soon,,,,

Oct Fest just got better as we end the Halloween season on OCT 31, with Klymaxx and the Manattan's as they perform there WORLD TOUR at Paradise Ranch.

The Wonderland Spectacular Oct 31, 2015 and NOV 1,
2015 11am to 10pm. Late night spooky big screen movie in the stars.

It the holiday's so what better time to give, see friends and family as
well as supporting someone who needs a holiday wish.

Breakfast with Santa, meet and great, free PHOTO and more. Food vendors and booths with the holiday spirit.

The magic of the holidays with kids sections hand made one of a kind
gifts, health and fitness, community ser
vice, and food to fill your spirit.

We hope to make this season the best ever for everyone with peace, joy and love

To take part in the walk just email us a

To join us at any of our events email us.