Outside of our marketing program we have one main goal to put on the best community festivals and help the community with the major homeless project that can end the tent cities.

Do something Amazing , wonderful and great in 2018. Start the year off with a bang of good deeds and help us. We can end joblessness, hunger and homelessness in America one person a time. with every company fill free to call us if you have homeless people in your neighborhood and you want to help. we have the answer that will change lives with one phone call.  We only need $20 a month FOR MEMBER SHIP ALL ACCESS VIP PASS OR JUST  DONATE for every hit we get.  Please help us produce many shows so we can help your city help people who can't help them self.    Let us help your community and raise  funds to help your non profit, church, school, band. etc.  Email us in writing and we can get many celebrity concerts tours and festival support to donate to your next cause in any city.   (  )



P. O. Box 461035
West Hollywood, CA 90046

We are offering something new n 2018 to raise money for our foundation.
Let us offer your Hotel Breakfast Deliveries to your guest.  If you don't offer breakfast let us deliver a delicious meal in the morning.  We offer incentives
to all the owners that help us with our project.  Help us provide jobs for
the community and housing to Vets and Americans citizens living in tents on the streets.

We would like to introduce ourselves as Events Services for last 18 years and have helped many organizers to save lots of money on their Events.

We offer services that needs: With our events company that you might want.

We have many vendors that do the following: 
Fencing Stage Flat Screens Power Portable Restrooms Emergency-1 Response ATM's Security Overnight Equipment Watch Traffic Control Staffing Event & Group Shuttle Logistics

On Site Coordination & Tour Guides Anything Else
We can literally offer any services at a very affordable price for you.Simply provide the information below and we will send you a no obligation proposal.  


To book SANTA for you next groups event or party, just call us. We beat most rates
for multi events just call us for best rate. THE NEXT SHOW GO HERE FOR MORE INFO GO HERE. .

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Fund raise this summer and winter $1,000 to $3,000 for your school.
We offer a variety of party packages that include:



But time is running out.
Thanks again  for  your generous gift.
Between now and end of July, your gift of $35 can become $70, a gift of $60 can become $120, or your especially generous gift of $120 can become $240. There are only a few days left for your gift to have double the impact.
Thank you in advance .

Help us make a change in the many families lives .
DONATE TO US THIS YEAR for a better community .   (  )

We can't stop you till you get enough family fun All year round. Bring it on! We won't stop bring awareness to the homeless issue as it is so far out of control.  L.A.’s homeless population, which has risen 12% since 2013,  It coincided with a directive from the mayor Monday evening that the city free up an additional $13 million in the coming months to help house people living on the streets. It's now 2017
some things are working , but the homeless problem is not even close to being fix.

HELP US THIS YEAR AT SUMMER END AND WINTERLAND FEST TO DONATE FUNDS TO ARE MANY NON PROFITS.     WE WILL SEE YOU AT THE BEACH .  We only need $25 FOR MEMBERSHIP OR JUST DONATE.  Please help us help people who can't help them self.    Let us help your community and raise  funds to help your non profit, church, school, band. etc.  Email us in writing and we can get many celebrity concerts tours and festival support to donate to your next cause in any city.

Help us make a change in the many families lives that are homeless.
DONATE TO US THIS YEAR for a better community .   (  )


Application Deadline:  December 1, 2017       And September 1, 2018

If you are part of a non-profit or community organization with an annual operating budget of less than $1,000,000 and that serves the community , you are eligible to submit an application for a community grant. We have over 500,000 hits on our biggest shows a year and over 70,000 hits on our website.
We will let every one know about your cause.
Community Grant Recipients The Fx3 Non Pro Fit Festival Group has granted community grants to an interesting and eclectic mix of great projects that benefit the  community.

About the FX3 Non Profit Community Grant Program Funded by festival proceeds, INCC and Fx3 Non profit Community Grants Program awards funding to selected nonprofit organizations that offer services and programs aimed at the homeless, many nonprofit like Make A Wish foundation youth and families. Applications are accepted each year preceding the festival and presented at the festival in September. Since 2000, well over $100,000 in festival proceeds have been invested into the community.

We thank everyone who supports, volunteers, shops and visits the Summer Festival, for it is the sole revenue source for our community grant program

so email us you Organization with your 501 non profit and contact info and our team will be glade to grant your group. Donation go to many groups that help the homeless and many school programs that need funding to better our cities across the USA.

If your school or group needs help please send us a request for a grant.


P.O. Box 461035
West Hollywood, Ca 90046

Help us make change and do great thing in your community! our investors
package offers 10% per show per investment on ticket sales.

___$100    ____$300    _____$500    ____$1,000   _____$1,500  ___Other

_Sponsor /INVESTOR   $10,000___     $25,000___   $50,000 ___  $100,000___    Others_____

COMPANY NAME:     ____________________________________

CONTACT:               ____________________________________

ADDRESS:              _____________________________________

PHONE NUMBER:    ______________________________________

EMAIL:                  ______________________________________


Mail out to following:

FX3 Non Profit events, P.O. Box 461035 West Hollywood, CA 90046

We will see you at Our Holiday Fair date TBA and have a Happy New Year!

Don't forget to book early for Santa at your next school, group, organization, party or event. 

Charities:  HOMELESS, SCHOOLS, DONATIONS MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION TO HEATH ILLNESS We are Ambassador for Children's Day and Earth Day,GAPE Long Beach Children's Art Museum, the Alzheimer's Association The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Boys and Girls Club, H.E.L.P FOUNDATION INC, and Dunking Frogs Foundation.